Access Frame: Property

Democratization potential of online distribution of music has disrupted the landscape of music industry. While life is moving into information networks and capital and desire for profit are creating unregulated attention economies, an artist is able to create her own production, distribution and communication channels. By using Creative Commons licenses she ensures that the listeners …

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Recursion EP cover

Wanda & Nova deViator: Recursion EP

Nova deViator reworks and extends the original track Recursion, originaly released on ARP 339, Wanda & Nova deViator’s sophomore album released in early 2015. The EP compliments a music video – a montage of video material from ARP 339 dance performance. “Tortoise: That’s the word I was looking for! “POPPING-TONIC” that’s what it’s called, and …

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Wanda & Nova deViator ARP 339 webcover 800px

Wanda & Nova deViator: ARP 339

With Escherian devotion to infinity, the electro-punk music charge of Wanda and Nova deViator subtly flows from cool cosmic cyberfuturism to heated dance-floor fever. Drawing on a variety of genre offshoots, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič use repetition to seamlessly develop the heritage of polyrhythm and deep bass tremors from domestic intimacy into an all-encompassing …

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