K⁝Ø #1 Luka Prinčič + ala pecula

In our first episode of new series of podcasts presenting artists who offer musical contexts to their releases on the label, we let Luka Prinčič + ala pecula whip up a collage of tracks that inspire their work.


  1. All You Had To Do Was Say It by a wave, a mouth; [whitelabrec, accidental]
  2. Installations: Seis Elementos by @c [Crónica]
  3. This Thing Between Us Is A Rickety Bridge Of Impossible Crossing​/​Bonfires For Nobody​.​.​. by set fire to flames [bandcamp]
  4. Kupala [Ukrainian] by AGF [bandcamp]
  5. a4 by Luka Prinčič + ala pecula [kamizdat]
  6. a3 by Luka Prinčič + ala pecula [kamizdat]
  7. Red roses are red now by Thme [seil]
  8. nons (il faut partir) by Luka Prinčič [bandcamp]
  9. Surrogacy (Edit) by Sa​š​a Spa​č​al & Pim Boreel [kamizdat]
  10. If There’s Any Tinge of This World by Hiroshi Ebina [seil]
  11. Fiction by loscil [bandcamp]



collage by Luka Prinčič + ala pecula
photo by Steven Penton, CC-BY
graphic design by Luka Prinčič


K⁝Ø (k-zero) is a Kamizdat podcast presenting mixtapes of local artists on the trans-genre field of electronic music. The goal of the podcast is to present artists’ work in a wider musical context. These are tracks from around the world in a collage form of 30-60 minutes, which creates lines of reference from inner artists’ sonic place to the musical space-time landscape outside of it, with all points inbetween.