AGF & Mary C: how to be ~ in this world

AGF (photo by Inkeri Jäntti [2020])

DATE: 10 April, 2023
TIME: 18:00

On an otherwise unusual, presumably empty Easter Monday, the Emanat/Kamizdat Pritličje team and Ustanova invites you to a relaxed meeting with AGF poemproducer, Antye Greie-Ripatti and her companion on this tour, Mary C. While the latter will be playing a set at the Ustanova party at Tiffany+Monokel the day before, meet both of them for afternoon tea and discussion at 6pm at Cafe PRITLIČJE. The purpose of this gathering is to exchange and map experiences and knowledge in Eastern European sound queer feminist territories.

All those whose work in any way engages them in the fields of sound research, politics, noise, socio-economics, music and queer feminism are very warmly invited to attend.

More about the tour and the artists:

mobilzon event page:


  • Systems of Power(lessness)
  • Sound, music and sound technologies, instruments, tools
  • Deep Listening
  • Degrowth – feminist economy
  • Music industry – ethics and streaming, collapse of live music industry
  • Organizing otherwise – access, care and mutual help
  • Copyright, copyleft – sampling /ownership
  • Live performance – vulnerability and multilogue vs one way confidence 
  • Eastbloc – east scene Feminism and anti-gender movements antifascism
  • Co-opting important concepts
  • sonicwilderness
  • political sound & listening
  • feminist transnational organizing
  • networking, what works and what does not and how

“Everything is connected. Music, technology, community and systems of power.”

  • systems of powerlessness: can we degrow together and repair connections
  • threads of connection in music, tech, between us and systems of power
  • our relations with the materials we play with
  • different space of reason, relation and how we play together
  • women, systems of power, revolutionary relations and decolonization