Access Frame: Xenophoby

‘Access Frame: Xenophoby’ webcover designed by Andro Giunio

A yearly local roundtable for Netlabel Day with a slight change of methodology: instead of a compilation of finished tracks by local artists, we sought the contributions of sounds and layers created from, and inspired by, proposed samples of various xenophobia-adjacent speeches, resulting in a half-hour collage, a sonic adventure into noise, beats, space, and dark ambient drone.

“[This …] is crucial for understanding xenophobia. [The construction baron] urges the state to intervene and enact agreements and laws that will allow him access to [immigrant] workers under certain conditions. Their residence permits are to be tied to their contracts for as long as possible, so that they are constantly threatened with deportation. Their access to social services should be severely restricted and tied to various conditions (like language tests), so that they cannot survive a day without working. Family reunification should be restricted, because children and wives make the labour force more expensive and tend to take them out of the social seclusion of the workplace. And it goes without saying that the foreign workers should have no political rights and should be kept away from unions as much as possible. They must be monitored, survellied, and kept under control. All these are bureaucratic methods by which the state guarantees the capitalists the conditions for higher profits through super-exploitation. In short, it is a state system of unequal labour rights, distributed on the basis of workers’ nationality. This is the basic function of the border.”

from liner notes / essay “Protecting the European way of life” by Miha ‘Ntoko’ Blažič


About Access Frame

The series of compilations titled Access Frame aim to present a wide spectrum of local alternative music (with emphasis on electronic and experimental music) that has found its safe haven on the internet. The never before encountered entwinement of technology, society, making music and ownership rights has been causing a serious conflict between free culture and the outdated and exploitative concepts of copyright. Adhering to the spirit of free access, online labels are the first in the struggle for equal access and a more fair copyright (facilitated by the introduction of the Creative Commons license).

About Netlabel Day

In this spirit we are supporting the annual celebration of netlabel culture every July 14th. Every year labels participate and release free music releases specifically for the event to support the initiative by M.I.S.T. Records in Chile and curated now by The Seattle Star. More at


created by
· Jaka ‘Brgs’
· Luka Prinčič
· Gašper

Luka Prinčič · editing, mix, mastering
Andro Giunio · graphic design
Miha Blažič · liner notes
Katja Kosi · proofreading
Maruša Hren · booklet bookbinding and printing
Luka T. Zagoričnik, Luka Prinčič · executive production, promotion

City Municipality of Ljubljana · financial support KAM065

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