the polystylistic BLOOM features a selection of compositions for art projects and music by JAŠA with Kalu & Bowrain


Ten years of contemporary art, ten years of music. As part of its artistic projects, JAŠA has always actively included music as an integral part of the overall experience of artistic work. From the beginnings with the punk project Revenge (Miha Zbašnik, Aljoša Cetinski) to the groundbreaking concert performance from the roof of the Modern Gallery for the opening of U3 in 2010, when a band called Leftfinger (Janez Vidrih aka Junzi, KALU) and their early project Earlyear. During The Lovest project period in the Moderna galerija (where the duo Your Gay Thoughts was formed at the time), Luka Uršič first established himself as an autonomous and excellent musician KALU, with whom he and JAŠA created Bloom, the first serious sound composition which JAŠA included in his performance. The latter was presented in 2011 as his solo project at the Geraldine Zodo Gallery in Milan (which represented the artist until 2012, when he transferred to the On Stellar Rays Gallery, New York).

In 2013, after the completion of JAŠA’s project The Lovest (which lasted three years in the basement of the Modern Gallery), the boys released the studio album White Rooms as Leftfinger. In 2012, Tine Grgurevič (BOWRAIN) made his debut as part of The Lovest event with the band at the time. This was followed by years of extremely intertwined and fruitful creative collaboration on the international stage in the context of contemporary art and mostly independent JAŠA projects; Apnea’s Rhapsody, On Stellar Rays, New York, 2012 (first solo exhibition of Jaša in NY) until UTTER_the violent neccessety for the embodied presence of hope, with which JAŠA represented Slovenia in 2015 at the 56th Venice Biennale with a monumental installation and seven months an ongoing performance for which music was written and set to music by BOWRAIN. BLOOM is a summary of hitherto unreleased individual compositions and sound and music sets created between 2012 and 2020.

The album is a synthesis of my collaboration, my coming together with different artists. It is the result of a creative process in which all of us who were involved in the project had to face our own limitations and go beyond them. What emerged is an eclectic, polystylistic album, whose sound, which was first created for art projects, presents an independent and rounded whole, where loud and intimate tones, instrumental music and songs coexist side by side.” JAŠA about the album


JAŠA is a contemporary artist who cuts visual arts with a conceptual practice that is rooted in the extensive use of space as a medium and context for either spatial or performing interventions. His approach has elements of polystylism, neo-romanticism and geopolitical consciousness.

During his studies at Academy in Venice, he was a member of the international art group, Crash in Progress, a progressive and radical group that established an impressive reputation with art projects that aroused a great deal of attention, namely with Dafne (Venice, 2003).

In 2005 he began his autonomous path. He has a diversified and multimedia practice, based on the principles of “site-specific” interventions and the interconnectedness of creative processes with other participants. Though he trained as a painter, his work combines various contemporary multimedia practices, including visual arts, architectural approaches and principles, sound art and music, performance and more. Over a decade of high-rhythm integrated projects, both alone and with several other renowned artists, he thoroughly transformed the art scene in Ljubljana. He then continued in the same way in project and exhibition spaces around Europe, until his first solo exhibition in New York in 2012.

From 2014 onwards, New York became his second home. There he opened a studio and production base, The We.Are Institute (with Rosa Lux), dividing his time between Ljubljana and New York.

In 2015, he represented Slovenia at the 56th Venice Biennale, one of the most important events of the contemporary art world. There he presented a monumental site-specific installation and durational performance that lasted for 29 weeks (UTTER / The Violent Necessity for the Embodied Presence of Hope). In 2016 he collaborated with Ulay on Cutting Through the Clouds of Myth (Frieze Art Fair, NYC) and had created a durational group performance called The Relations at Frieze Art Fair, London.

In 2017 he started a project entitled At the Dawn of Yet Another Age of Absurdity, Composition No.1 in Tanja Grunert Gallery in NYC that travelled around the globe in varying forms (no.2 at Hop Projects in Folkestone, no. 3 at Atacama desert in Chile, no.4 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, no.5 at Espronceda in Barcelona and no.6 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Ljubljana in 2018) while working on other site-specific commissioned installations of monumental scope. This included a colossal, multimedia gesamtkunstwerk called Nowhere-Now Here at Art Hotel Piran and It Seems We Did Manage to Get a Grip around Some Kind of a Meaning Lately (with Meta Grgurevič at Viba Film in Ljubljana).

JAŠA – photo by Primož Korošec



01. Apnea’s Rhapsody
music by KALU with JAŠA, 2012
for APNEA’S RHAPSODY, art project by JAŠA,
On Stellar Rays Gallery, New York, 2012
final mix by KALU & JAŠA, 2022

02. Climb Me a Mountain
music by KALU with JAŠA, Mirel Wagner & Jyrki Riekki, 2013
for CLOUD TAILOR art project by Jyrki Riekki & JAŠA,
Sinne Gallery, Helsinki, 2013
final mix by KALU with JAŠA, 2022

03. Gods Came For Dinner
music by KALU with JAŠA, featuring Tomaž Šalamun, 2013

04. Stains of Time
music by KALU, BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2014
final mix by KALU & JAŠA, 2022

05. Flowers
music by KALU, BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2014
final mix by KALU & JAŠA, 2022

06. When Beauty
music by KALU, BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2014
final mix by KALU & JAŠA, 2022

07. Blue Dog
music by KALU, BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2014
final mix by KALU & JAŠA, 2022

08. The Kill Floor
music by KALU, BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2014
final mix by KALU & JAŠA, 2022

09. Cloud Tailor
music by KALU, BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2014
for Galanterie Mécanique/Fil d’argent art project by Meta Grgurevič & Urša Vidic), THE 30TH BIENNIAL OF GRAPHIC ARTS,MGLC, 2013
final mix by KALU with JAŠA, 2020-2022

10. Saudade
music by BOWRAIN with JAŠA, 2013
for SAUDADE, art project by Meta Grgurevič, Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre, Ljubljana, 2013
final mix by BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2022

11. A House
music by BOWRAIN with JAŠA, 2015
final mix by BOWRAIN with JAŠA, 2022

12. Voices
music by BOWRAIN with JAŠA, 2015
final mix by BOWRAIN with JAŠA, 2022

13. Togetherness
music by BOWRAIN with JAŠA, 2015

14. Night Try
music by BOWRAIN with JAŠA, 2015
final mix by BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2019
for UTTER / the violent necessity for the embodied presence of hope / art rpoejct by JAŠA, Pavilion of the Republic of Slovenia, 56th Venice Biennale, Venice, 2015

15. Cutting Through the Clouds of Myth
music by BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2016
for CUTTING THROUGH THE CLOUDS OF MYTH art project by JAŠA & ULAY, Kustera Projects, New York, 2016

16. The Poet’s Teacher
music by BOWRAIN & JAŠA, 2017

arrangement · JAŠA with KALU and BOWRAIN
production · JAŠA with KALU and BOWRAIN
additional production & mix · Mario Babojelić
mastering · Marko Turel

executive production · Luka Prinčič @ Kamizdat
coordination · Luka T. Zagoričnik @ Kamizdat
promotion · Andrej Pervanje @ Kamizdat
promotion and production · Vladimir Mihajlović & Andraž Boštjančič @ Glasilka

visual concept and images · JAŠA
cover photography · Primož Korošec
design · Ivian Kan Mujezinović

bookbinding · Maruša Hren
USB drive designed and produced · Luka Prinčič & Igor Hauptman

City of Ljubljana · financial support
Radio Študent · media support

music · KALU, BOWRAIN and JAŠA
all texts by JAŠA


Limited edition USB Booklets and digital album (with “Name Your Price”) are available from June 24th through our Bandcamp shop at https://kamizdat.bandcamp.com.

Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence. More at www.creativecommons.org/licences.

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