Kamizdat Rentgen #31: Manja Ristić & Robertina Šebjanič, Nitz

Kamizdat Rentgen is proud to ennounce a live presentation of this year’s new release. One of the most prominent sound artists from our wider region, Manja Ristić, and the versatile internationally acclaimed artist Robertina Šebjanič present their first collaborative album Hidden Adriatic, an electroacoustic immersion into the hidden resonances, sounds and noises of the Adriatic Sea. The fresh duo Oka & Nitz (Eva Mulej and Tine Vrabič) will also perform, creating intimate sonic narratives by intertwining the analogue/digital.


  • Nitz
  • Manja Ristić & Robertina Šebjanič


Event is streamed live online via our Owncast-powered live.pretok.tv and archived later on our PeerTube server vid.pretok.tv

Kamizdat Rentgen

“Kamizdat Rentgen” is a glance under the surface of the skin, a look into the fleshy entwinement of bones, muscles and nerves that shape the heterogeneity of the sound bodies. It is a series of music events organized by Kamizdat to increase the visibility of adventurous music makers who dare to venture into the territories where no one had been before. The events are often closely connected with the label’s new releases.


Produced by Emanat in collaboration with Cafe PRITLIČJE
Financial support by the City of Ljubljana