Ontervjabbit: 414

the rawest forms of expression, the shrapnels of static pulling away from the surface noise

While short, Ontervjabbit’s embryonic period has most certainly seen the hyper productive duo matching up with the quantitative standards of the underground noise community, where the stakes are always placed with frequent – face to face / scalp to scalp field work. It’s about the rawest forms of expression, the shrapnels of static pulling away from the surface noise, the depersonified primal violence unmasking any facade. But from the very beginnings, Neven M. Agalma (Dodecahedragraph, Cadlag, Sevenborn and Rasturen) and Domen Učakar (Icarus Down, Neon Spektra) have also run a traceable vector of concretization and direction. 414 demonstrates this in actualised form, offering a rounded up aesthetics, an upgrade of improvised material based on decisions towards narrative logics breathing in air of color and stylistic variety.
This is why the music seems like a stubborn push against the borders resembling an ongoing necessity to trace each repercussion and each new direction following an action. Like an active induction of the absence of any rules or symmetry – the mathematical illusion of harmony and rhythm drowned in sound. Like focused , a particularization of passions set to confirm the unintelligible borders of chaos… It’s how their reaching outwards spells…
” — Žiga Pucelj


Free streaming, download (name your price) and Limited Edition CDr are available through kamizdat.si and kamizdat.bandcamp.com


Written/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ontervjabbit
Cover Artwork by Domen Učakar
Design by Tina Ivezić
Kamizdat release KAM005
Limited edition of 100 copies
Packaging hand-made by Maruji maruji.si


media support: Radio Študent, Ljubljana
financially supported by City of Ljubljana
a 2013 Emanat production


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