Gašper Torkar: Dreams of Others EP

distorted ambient soundscape rife

Gašper Torkar is a multi-faceted artist whose body of work, stretched between poetry, music and other artistic forms, has brought him to various literary, theatre and club stages. He is a poet and a storyteller, though he doesn’t always need words to tell his story. This is confirmed by five pieces of almost-dance electronic music, which make up the distorted ambient soundscape rife with heavy, damp passages made up of ubiquitous noise. But how does one put a wordless story to words?

To step into someone’s dreamscape is to step into their intimate world, a place one should enter by invitation only. And it is exactly that which creates the appeal, it piques our interest and draws us into Torkar’s corridor of mystery, stepping through the gateway he just opened for us (Passage). The barely audible breath of the dreamer (I Dream of Others) voices a sharp, repetitive warning cautioning us against the unknown – and it must be ignored if we are to continue down the rabbit-hole, beyond the ominous deed (Impersonal Again), all the way into the depths of the club underground, where the tightening of the jaws and the grinding of the teeth (Bruxism) segues into the surprisingly supple but slow minimal sounds. The old-school, yet original synth sounds lure us into the vaulted corridor, conjuring up a neon reflection of the fantastic film noir (Rib Vaulting). We rise up from this deep swamp, following a persistent, growing rhythm, leading us forward in the hopes that this dark, visceral journey will ultimately lead us back into the light.



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Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence


Gašper Torkar · music, mastering
Tina Ivežić & Luka Prinčič · graphic design
Janja Baznik & Maruša Hren · print cut bind
Luka Prinčič · editorial
Alenka Selčan · texts
Tadej Reissner · translation

Radio Študent · media support
City of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture RS · financial support

Gašper Torkar would like to thank Luka for trust, Barbara for shouting with him and Neja & Bron for love and support.