Kamizdat Rentgen: Access Frame: Monstrosity

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14. 7. @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana


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Kamizdat is celebrating the 2021 Netlabel Day with a release of a new compilation of domestic alternative electronic music.The release of the compilation will be accompanied by an event in front of the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture on July 14, featuring appearances and DJ sets by selected artists from the compilation. More details, including the lineup, will be announced in the coming weeks, but rest assured–genre diversity is guaranteed: from noise to sound art, through break and electro, all the way to acid techno.

About Access Frame: Monstrosity

The compilation aims to present a wide spectrum of local alternative music (with emphasis on electronic and experimental music) that has found its safe haven on the internet. The never before encountered entwinement of technology, society, making music and ownership rights has been causing a serious conflict between free culture and the outdated and exploitative concepts of copyright. Adhering to the spirit of free access, online labels are the first in the struggle for equal access and a more fair copyright (facilitated by the introduction of the Creative Commons license).

Similarly to last year, we have invited over 60 musicians to create compositions to a specific theme. This year’s is monstrosity: something perceived as nonhuman, something cruel, or something that personifies terror but can at the same time walk on the edge of normality. You will be able to listen to how the invited artists interpreted this year’s topic on July 14, when the compilation will be available in full and free of charge on our Bandcamp website.


Cover design by Blaž Rojs

About Kamizdat Rentgen

“Kamizdat Rentgen” is a glance under the surface of the skin, a look into the fleshy entwinement of bones, muscles and nerves that shape the heterogeneity of the sound bodies. It is a series of music events organized by Kamizdat to increase the visibility of adventurous music makers who dare to venture into the territories where no one had been before. The events are often closely connected with the label’s new releases.

Free Entry

Produced by Emanat in collaboration with Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture and with the support by the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture RS.