The Invisible Body Of Space

music from Avant-premiere ’14 show

 The Invisible Body of Space album presents music created for dance performance with the same title. It was this year’s Avant-Première event – an annual final production of the SVŠGL, Arts High School Ljubljana, which gives the students an organised opportunity to enter and (pre)experience performing on professional stages. The starting point for Pre-Première ’14: The Invisible Body of Space was an important theoretical study The poetics of Contemporary Dance written by Laurence Louppe.

written and produced by Nova deViator & Matjaž Predanič, except track 2 and 4 written by Octa Push and remixed by Nova deViator.

Tracks 2 and 4 owe most of their appeal to the melody and beat written by Octa Push, so give back, support them and buy their records:

cover by Tina Ivezić

available as digital download (name your price)


  1. Nova deViator – Izčrpavanje
  2. Octa Push – Please, Please, Please (deViator Remake)
  3. Nova deViator – Kids Of Shostakovich
  4. Octa Push – Please, Please, Please (deViator Drumake)
  5. Matjaž Predanič – 4h Sistem
  6. Matjaž Predanič – 2h
  7. Matjaž Predanič – 4h Uvod
  8. Matjaž Predanič – 1h
  9. Matjaž Predanič – 4h Organizem

some rights reserved under the licence “Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike” (CC BY-SA 2.5)

media support: Radio Študent, Ljubljana
a 2014 Emanat production –