Luka Prinčič: Requiem For The Future

music from a performance in which the human body is substituted by animals and machines

“Requiem aeternam dona eis”, grant them eternal rest! This music comes from an experiment, a performance in which the human body is substituted by animals and machines. Conceptually it is rooted in post-antropocentristic deconstruction of dualism of cartesian perspective on an animal machine. The question is, how can we imagine a dialogue between the animal and artificial intelligence? And how does artificial intelligence see the monstrosity of the human species? Imagine a future-present where only AI and nature devoid of humans exists in its own kind of collaboration. This imaginary sets the general atmosphere.

The water. The Zone and its poetry of wisdom. Atoms, molecules, and everything beyond. Before or after but definitely the cells, and the peculiarity of the awe-inspiring bio-mechanisms. Something not from our time.

“A winged horse grows out of her corpse / its hooves are scarring her / … So she knows later where he had been”

The ones and zeros, the techne of the artificial, and all the consequences, the integration of flesh into electronic circuits, post-human transcendence, the glitch and its incorporation into the mechanical system, the uncanny perspectives of artificial intelligence far beyond the capitalocene.

“She kills the star for all she promised her / And writes her secret across his layer of the sky”

A release into the void beyond the planets and back, as a feedback loop of pulsations, a harmony of the spheres, a return to the primordial sound and gravitational forces. Intervals derived from orbital resonances: near-integer-ratios between orbital frequencies of planets of the solar system.



all music by Luka Prinčič
background rumble by Leopoldina Istanbul
liner notes by Luka Prinčič, featuring Maja Smrekar, Donna Harraway
design & artwork by Tina Ivezić
photography by Wilhelm Joys Andersen
USB & booklet created by Maruša ‘Maruji’ Hren
printed by Janja Baznik, ‘Pri Tiskarskem Škratu’


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Some rights reserved under the licence Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike NonCommercial (BY-SA-NC CC)

Created for the piece “Requiem for The Future” directed by Maja Smrekar and produced by Zavod Aksioma and Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana

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2016 Emanat production | released October 31, 2016