Warrego Valles: Location Off

Warrego Valles are three sonic psychonauts pointing at dry gully where illusions of the night are dispelled. The double exposure of dusk and dawn is the sound of slow and elusive waters, their depths, droplets of mist and hope of a better world that never dies.

Music & Lyrics by Warrego Valles
design by Rok Mar
animated gif by 5237 (Stella Ivšek)

Free streaming, download (name your price) and limited edition CD-R is available through kamizdat.bandcamp.com and other digital outlets.

Some rights reserved under the licence Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike (BY-SA CC)

cat: KAM023 | 2017 Emanat production | released March 2, 2017

warregovalles.bandcamp.com | soundcloud.com/warregovalles | fb.com/warregovalles