Various Artists: Access Frame: Equity

Netlabel Day compilation release

Kamizdat is proud to present a 2020 Netlabel Day release. Access Frame: Equity is a compilation of 20 local electronic artists with many original works that span a wide spectrum of electronic music genres: from noise and sonic art, via bass, breaks, all the way to acid techno. The concept of the compilation is to bring attention to the conflict between necessity of free culture and enclosure of culture by copyright law. The conflict which is temporarily solved by Creative Commons licences.

Access Frame is a series of compilations of adventurous music published by Kamizdat under a Creative Commons licence on 14. July – International Netlabel Day. It tries to establish a practice of thinking critically about access to, and distribution of, art. It poses a question: what is the frame through which we are allowed, and able, to access culture? How is it created, by whom, and can such frame of access be modified and transgressed?

Musicians on the compilation:
#DUF / Ansambel PRSA / BeatMyth / dvidevat / Janez Plešnar / Katyeuum / Kikimore / Kikiriki / Lara / Lifecutter / Luka Prinčič / M berLin / Muzikačaka / Nitz / Nulla / rouge-ah / Shekuza / Terranigma / umdhlebi / Zergon



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Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence


Stella Ivšek – 5237 · design
Luka Prinčič · mastering, executive production
Andrej Pervanje · production assistance

▶ M berLin: Sirene ▶
arranged and produced by M berLin
mixed by Miha Šajina

▶ Terranigma: Cyberpunk Tendencies ▶
arranged and produced by Terranigma
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▶ BeatMyth: The Left Eye ▶
arranged and produced by Igor Vuk
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▶ dvidevat: unum ▶
arranged and produced by dvidevat
a special mention goes to Bojan Georgievski – RSN
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▶ Shekuza: Tesla Galvani ▶
“With this track I wanted to explore the world of bioelectromagnetics, which was pioneered by Luigi Galvani in 18th century and tried to make a sequence of sounds that would mimic electromagnetical patterns and signals which are produced by living cells in the human body and flow as electrical current in our nervous system and muscles.”
arranged and produced by Miha Šajina – Shekuza
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▶ Ansambel PRSA: Carve4 ▶
“Nočni karving po vseh štirih, z izpraznjenim akumulatorjem mobilnega telefona in meglenim kratkoročnim spominom.”
arranged and produced by PRSA
PRSA are Blaž P., Lovrenc R., Luka S. and Jure A.
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▶ Zergon: Altobar ▶
arranged and produced by Zergon
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▶ Nulla: Elektromagnetik ▶
arranged and produced by Nulla
a special mention goes to Nitz
mixed in Studio Friteza
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▶ Nitz: Lussid ▶
arranged and produced by Nitz
mixed in Studio Friteza
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▶ Lara: Bright Future ▶
arranged and produced by Lara
a special mention goes to Nitz
mixed in Studio Friteza
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▶ #DUF: YuWrong ▶
modular synth and vox by #DUF
vocals recorded by Sajkoslav in Munje Studio
mixed and mastered by JureG
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▶ Katyeuum: Divine ▶
arranged and produced by Katyeuum
Katyeuum is a music collaboration beetwen aeuum & Katyusha
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▶ Muzikačaka: Weakest Parts of Society ▶
arranged and produced by Muzikačaka
voice recording of Zygmunt Bauman
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▶ rouge-ah: niti ▶
arranged and produced by rouge-ah – Urška Preis
niti is a remake of rouge-ah’s composition for a theatre performance NITI / THREA_S by Danijela Zajc
mixed by rouge-ah and nitz in Studio Friteza
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▶ Janez Plešnar: Fluid Ruin ▶
arranged and produced by Janez Plešnar
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▶ Luka Prinčič: Tomorrow is Non Sequitur (For 3 Tape Players and More Bodies) ▶
written by Luka Prinčič
created from layers originally written for project ‘Also Tomorrow’ by Maja Delak
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▶ Lifecutter: Descent ▶
arranged and produced by Lifecutter
video for Descent by Iztok Klančar
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▶ Kikiriki: Ultrascan ▶
arranged and produced by Kikiriki
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▶ umdhlebi: 1disrupt3violence1monopoly2 ▶
“We should disrupt violence monopoly! Take violence back in our hands! Attack the state! Smoke pigs!”
synths and pedals by umdhlebi – Luka Bevk
produced by umdhlebi
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▶ Kikimore: 1 9 5 Ints (Edit) ▶
arranged and composed by Kikimore (2019)
mixing and editing by James Ginzburg
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