dvidevat x Nulla · 068/078-1

Inspiration found between four walls: a new and exciting package of electronic music on a split digital release of two young music producers

dvidevat and Nulla are among the youngest Ljubljana-based electronic producers. Electronic music culture is what drives them: they both started as DJs, researching different types of electronic and non-electronic music and DJing in many clubs in Ljubljana, and both evolved their listening skills as electronic music producers through institutional and mostly non-institutional education. The split digital release 068/078-1 presents their first longer music work and unveils their musical influences, which inspire them again and again and give them the drive to re-enter the four walls of their studios and their favourite clubs.

The split digital release seems to be a one-piece album, but attentive listeners will find a clear line between the two prominent electronic artists. The joint release may paint their music similar, but it also shows their differences. Where dvidevat tends to develop the sound of the Detroit old-school electro and short but memorable melodies, Nulla progresses with darker UK experimental electro with a touch of breaks, IDM and bleep. It’s clear that they are working within the same frames of electronic music, breakbeats and detailed electronic sounds, but they are definitely paving their own creative paths.

dvidevat and Nulla are continuing a style already presented by our record label by the likes of Terranigma and Shekuza. What the latter share is that they developed first as music listeners, exposed to very different styles of music and genres. So too did dvidevat and Nulla develop their taste for electronic music. Fueled by a very diverse genre of minimalism, they currently build on clear sound and a plethora of details that fill one’ imagination. Although the sound on 068/078-1 seems to be similar, it is difficult to predict the ways their creativity will take in the future.



dvidevat · music, mixing (tracks 1-4)
Nulla · music, mixing (tracks 5-9)
Igor Vuk · mastering
Luka Prinčič · webcover design, production
Andrej Pervanje · promotion, production

City of Ljubljana & Ministry of Culture RS · financial support

Special thanks

Tine Vrabič
Črt Trkman
Bojan Georgievski (RSN)


04.06.2021, Syndae, Episode 576, Stefan Shulz
19.06.2021, Radio Študent, IndieRe #31 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana, Jan Kopač
11.10.2021, Electronic Tesseract, Review: dvidevat & Nulla – 068/078-1, Last Ronin


Album download (“Name Your Price”) is available from May 11th through our Bandcamp shop at https://www.kamizdat.bandcamp.com.

Some rights reserved under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence. More at www.creativecommons.org/licences.

Past events

Kamizdat Rentgen TV: dvidevat, Nulla
11. 05. 2021, 20:00 @ Bandcamp live stream, Studio 103, Ljubljana
Production: EMANAT

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