Shekuza: De Sica

The creative force on this album is sourced from personal stories and since it is part of an infinite music space, its undulations between music and noise are deeply interconnected with community, society, and politics.

As most tracks on this album, its title track, De Sica, is connected to a personal moment in the life of its author–in the case of this particular track, to a fairly serious case of pneumonia, a sickness of the lungs, a malfunctioning of the breathing apparatus. This is what sets the frame of thought on the album – an image of dis-continued airflow, an im-possibility to breathe, a bio-physical dynamism that is not functioning as it should be. But even when healthy, how much control over breath do we actually have? Thus, an idea of continuously circulating air–a mixture of gases–offers a mental image of relentless exploration of sonic permutations; the sound is vibration of air pressure after all. And this is close to how Miha Šajina would describe what music means to him: exploring the amount of dynamics music can bring into the lives of those who can open up to its force.



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Miha Šajina · composition, recording, production
Blacklisted Mastering · mastering
Maruša Hren · USB booklet
Luka Prinčič · liner notes, design, executive production
Lina Rica · video support, source graphics
Stella Ivšek · promo design, Rentgen streaming

Thanks to Duška, Nepal and Tibet.

Radio Študent Ljubljana & ODZVEN/Sigic · media support
City Municipality of Ljubljana & Ministry of Culture RS · financial support


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